If I post a video on Video of the Week, it’s going to involve travel, adrenaline or both! This one has both, this video by Red Bull is Tomas Slavik, an Urban Downhill Mountain Biker with a GOPRO on his helmet. Watching him speed down the hills of Valparaiso in Chile honestly makes me feel sick, I love Mountain Biking, and it makes me realise these guys are on a whole new level!!

Written by | Scottie T

Founder & Editor of Intrepid Escape, a huge lover of adventure, adrenaline, sport & fitness. After travelling to over 20 countries in the last year, Scott started to document his travels before fulfilling an important lifelong goal by starting Intrepid Escape. His dream is to be a backpacking poker-playing, videographer, photographer, presenter & writer!

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