Planning a trip to Amsterdam means art, culture, incredible museums and charming canals. But sorting out all the sights and how to get around can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where the I Amsterdam Tourist Card comes in.

This card is like your personal key to the city, promising to make your visit easier and more exciting.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about it, from the tourist attractions to the discounts it offers to the price and more.

If you’re still wondering “is the I Amsterdam Card worth it?,” then this is the complete guide you need!

What is the Amsterdam Tourist Card?

The I Amsterdam Card is a comprehensive city pass designed to explore Amsterdam conveniently and affordably. It offers free entry to over 70 museums and attractions, including must-sees like the Eye Filmmuseum and the Rijksmuseum.

Additionally, the card provides unlimited access to Amsterdam’s public transport network, discounts at select restaurants and shops, and deals on canal cruises. Make sure to read the following section to know more.

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Where to Buy the I Amsterdam Card?

The I Amsterdam Card can be purchased both online and at the I Amsterdam Store at Amsterdam Central (or the north side).

One thing I love about the I Amsterdam Store, is they support local businesses. So buy your souvenirs here too!

For online purchases, you can visit the official I Amsterdam website, which allows you to order the card in advance and pick it up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or at the I Amsterdam Store at Central Station upon arrival.

Alternatively, you can prebook it online on GetYourGuide and pick it up at the I Amsterdam Store at the central station.

Is the IAmsterdam Card Worth It?

Absolutely yes! The I Amsterdam Card is definitely a great deal, but here’s a little tip: you’ll get the most of it if you plan your days out ahead of time.

Plan your day with the included museums and attractions each day. This way, you not only save a lot on entrance fees and travel costs, but you also get to see the best of Amsterdam without the stress of last-minute planning.

How Much Does the I Amsterdam Card Cost?

The cost of the I Amsterdam Card varies depending on the duration you choose, which can range from 24, 48, 72, 96, to 120 hours.

This is the price for all durations:

24 Hours (1 Day)60 €
48 Hours (2 Days)85 €
72 Hours (3 Days)100 €
96 Hours (4 Days)115 €
120 Hours (5 Days)125 €

While the upfront cost may sound steep at first, it’s balanced by free entry to many attractions, which can quickly add up if visiting several high-cost museums and using public transportation daily.

As an example, I easily use €80+ in one day visiting museums, followed by €70 the next day.

Benefits of the I Amsterdam Tourist Card

The I Amsterdam Card is the best way to see the tourist attraction in the city, and it offers plenty of inclusions and benefits to make your visit better.

In fact, with the Amsterdam Tourist Card, you gain free access to over 70 of the city’s top attractions. But apart from that, it includes all the following:

  • A full-day bike rental
  • A canal cruise on Amsterdam’s canals
  • Free access to major museums and attractions
  • Unlimited use of public transport within the city
  • Discounts at restaurants, shops, and on entertainment options

You’ll get to visit the extensive Rijksmuseum, discover the This is Holland 5D flight experience, and the Heineken Experience (25% discount) is also a must-see.

Transportation is a breeze and free with the card, granting unlimited use of the city’s buses, trams, and metros, so you can easily move around town, in case you don’t (or already) rented the bicycle. A one day metro and tram pass alone costs approximately €8.

This convenience means you can focus on enjoying the tourist attraction in town without worrying about travel costs.

The card also provides discounts at a variety of restaurants and shops, and you’ll get to save on dining and shopping, and that’s great because Amsterdam isn’t exactly a cheap city. You even get a free drink at the casino!

To top it off, the card includes a complimentary guidebook filled with maps, tips, all the inclusions, and essential information to help you make the most of it.

In short, the I Amsterdam Card offers significant value, making it easier and more affordable to explore the best that Amsterdam has to offer.

10 Best Things to Do With the Amsterdam Tourist Card

STRAAT Museum (25% discount)

STRAAT Museum, located in the iconic NDSM wharf of Amsterdam, is dedicated to street art and graffiti, and you’ll see massive artworks that bridge the gap between public spaces and gallery prestige.

The museum has a unique setting, in a former shipyard, and that adds an industrial charm that complements artworks displayed. With the I Amsterdam City Card, you can enjoy a 25% discount on the entrance fee, making it more accessible to explore this type of art.

This museum blew my mind, some of the art and stories behind it are incredible.

Artis Micropia (included)

ARTIS Micropia is a one-of-a-kind museum that reveals the invisible world of microorganisms. Located within the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, this museum is a great educational tourist attraction.

Through interactive exhibits and live displays, you can observe and learn about bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi, and you will gain an understanding of the microbes and its impact on our health and climate.

Micropia is an eye-opening experience and it’s one of those places that you’ll be grateful to have visited.

This is Holland 5D Flight Experience (included)

This is Holland is a fun 5D flight experience that gives you a bird’s eye view of the Netherlands without leaving Amsterdam.

Strap in and feel as if you’re really flying, and you’ll love the special effects like wind and scents combined with stunning aerial footage.

It’s your chance to see the country in a unique way, and the flight lasts about 9 minutes. While this is relatively short, the tour lasts around one hour. If I am completely honest I would have rather done the flight without all the extra bits as I found them a little boring!

Eye Filmuseum (included)

The Eye Filmuseum is a striking landmark along Amsterdam’s waterfront, right by the This is Holland complex, so you’ll want to visit both at the same time.

The museum is dedicated to the art of film and you’ll find a rich collection of movies from all eras, alongside temporary exhibitions to learn about the various aspects of filmmaking.

It’s not just about watching films; the museum has interactive displays where you can learn about the technology behind cinema or even create your own short film with a green screen!

The A’DAM lookout (included)

Conveniently located next door to the Eye Filmuseum and This is Holland 5D flight experience. The A’DAM lookout is the best place to get views over the city.

The I Amsterdam card includes entrance to the viewing deck, but not Europe’s Highest Swing. Having done this before, I don’t think you miss much!

The views are incredible though and it’s a fantastic place to spot some of Amsterdam’s famous landmarks and look at the UNESCO World Heritage canals. I also love the vibe of the bar and restaurant, with a live DJ playing when I was there.

De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam (included)

De Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church) isn’t actually new – it’s a historic church in the heart of Amsterdam, often used for high-profile exhibitions and royal ceremonies.

It’s one of the tourist attractions you simply can’t miss when travelling around Amsterdam.

Located on Dam Square, next to the Royal Palace, this church is known for its stunning interior, featuring beautifully detailed stonework and impressive organ.

Throughout the year, it hosts various art and history exhibitions that attract visitors from around the world. Years ago, there was even an exhibition with Buddha images.

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, stopping by De Nieuwe Kerk lets you soak in some local history and culture in a majestic setting.

Stedelijk Museum – Museum of Modern Art (included)

Stedelijk Museum is located next to the famous Van Gogh Museum, it is Amsterdam’s gateway to modern and contemporary art.

Its vast collection includes works from some of the greatest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and many Dutch artists.

The museum itself is a piece of modern art, with a bold design that stands out in the city’s Museum Square.

Whether you’re a serious art lover or just curious, the Stedelijk is an incredible place to see art movements such as Bauhaus, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art, making it a must-visit when in the city!

Side note: While the Van Gogh Museum isn’t included in the Amsterdam tourist card, I recommend going regardless!

Heineken Experience (25% discount)

The Heineken Experience is an interactive tour set in the former Heineken brewery in the heart of Amsterdam.

This attraction takes you through the rich history of Heineken, from its origins in 1864 to becoming a global powerhouse. Along the way, you’ll learn about the brewing process, ingredients, and branding that have made Heineken a household name.

If you like beer but never had the chance to learn more, that’s one tourist spot you can’t miss.

The tour is interactive and includes tasting sessions where you can sample some Heineken while learning to pour the perfect beer!

Rent a Yellow Bike or MacBike (one day included)

Exploring Amsterdam by bike is a must, and renting a yellow bike or a MacBike is one of the most popular ways to do it, and since the rental is included with the I Amsterdam Card, there’s no reason not to try.

These bike rental services offer a fun and flexible way to see the city like a local. You can pedal through Amsterdam’s quaint streets, along canals, and visit landmarks at your own pace.

If that’s your first time in Amsterdam, note that some drivers are ruthless, and I would personally recommend not trying if you don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

Bike rental with I Amsterdam card

Take a Canal Cruise Through Amsterdam (included)

A canal cruise through Amsterdam is the perfect way to experience the city’s historic waterways, and it’s yet another must-do!

These cruises take you through Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed canal ring, with unique views of 17th-century architecture, bridges, and street scenes from the water.

These canal cruises have an audio guide in multiple languages, explaining the city’s history behind each site as you glide past.

And you guessed it, a canal cruise is included in the Amsterdam tourist card, and you’ll want to keep some time on your schedule for it!

Bonus Tip: Wereldmuseum Amsterdam (included)

My tip here is to find a lesser known museum, one that interests you and go to that. I was recommended the Wereldmuseum and it didn’t disappoint.

Wereldmuseum is a history and exhibition of people and how they lived throughout the world. It asks some interesting and challenging questions about the Netherland’s colonial history, and is set in a seriously impressive building.

Amsterdam Tourist Card Cost breakdown

I wanted to show you a practical example of everything I did in two days so you can clearly see the value for yourself. Please note, I actually did all of these, it was a busy day but it’s totally possible!

Day one using the I Amsterdam Tourist Card

Moco Museum €20.95
Stedilijk Museum €22.50
Rijksmuseum €22.50
THIS IS HOLLAND 5D Flight experience €26.50
Eye Filmuseum €12.50
A’DAM Lookout €16.50
Tram and Metro travel €9.00 (approximate day pass)

Tip: Most museums are open 10am – 5pm, so get on the canal cruise as early as possible. The first 3 museums are all very close to each other, as are the final 3 experiences. I must admit however, I did not spend a long time in each museum. THIS IS HOLLAND and the A’DAM lookout are both open late.

This way, you might find you get to the lookout just in time for sunset.

Day one using the I Amsterdam Tourist Card

ARTIS Microbia €17.50
Hortus Botanical Gardens €13.50
ARTIS Royal Zoo €26.50
Wereldmuseum €16.00
Bike hire €15-20.00
Canal Cruise Amsterdam €20.00 (average price)
Tram and Metro travel €9.00 (approximate day pass)

I highly recommend Wereldmuseum. Often some of the lesser known places are fantastic. The ARTIS Royal Zoo is the only place on this list I did not visit, as I believe the enclosures are too small and they should move the zoo to a much bigger facility with larger enclosures.

Whilst you’re there pop in to Brouwerij’t IJ, a fantastic bar and brewery set next to the picturesque windmill!

*Prices true at time of writing, please check when you travel

Summary of two days using the I Amsterdam Card

As you can see I have spent well over €200 with no problem in two days, with a 48 hour card starting at just €85, it’s fantastic value. However, this took some planning and these days were very busy.

I spent over €200 in two days, the 48-hour I Amsterdam Card costs just €85

Nonetheless, if you got the 72-hour option it’s still only €100. And every further day is cheaper adding more and more value with 5 days at just €125.

Where to Eat in Amsterdam

Other than knowing if the I Amsterdam Card is worth it, knowing the best places for a meal is equally important. I spent a few days in town and these were my personal favourites.

Café Jakarta

Located on the Java Island, Café Jakarta offers a unique fusion of Indonesian and Dutch cuisines.

The airy, plant-filled space provides a tropical ambiance, making it an ideal spot for both casual meals and special occasions.

Don’t miss their Rijsttafel, a spread of small Indonesian dishes that’s perfect for sharing.

Café-Restaurant de Plantage

Situated next to the Artis Zoo, Café-Restaurant de Plantage features an elegant, conservatory-like setting with large windows and beautiful greenery.

The menu boasts a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The beautiful outdoor seating area is especially popular for brunch or an evening cocktail.

De Groene Olifant

De Groene Olifant, known for its cosy atmosphere and friendly service, offers a menu of European classics with a modern twist.

Located near Sarphatipark, it’s a great place to relax after a day of exploring Amsterdam. Their craft beers and homemade desserts are local favourites.

YanYan Dumplings

YanYan Dumplings is a must-visit for dumpling lovers. This small but vibrant spot in the heart of the Jordaan neighbourhood serves up authentic, hand-made Chinese dumplings.

With a variety of fillings and a casual, welcoming vibe, it’s perfect for a quick, tasty meal that won’t break the bank.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam?

Last but not least, let’s talk about some of the best properties to stay at in Amsterdam. While it’s a pretty expensive city overall, the three hotels below are for all budgets.

Luxury: Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam

Mid-Range: nhow Amsterdam Rai

nhow Amsterdam Rai

Budget: The Flying Pig Downtown


Conclusion – Is the I Amsterdam Card Worth It? Yes!

The I Amsterdam Card is definitely worth it. With free access to top museums like the Rijksmuseum, complimentary canal cruises, and unlimited public transport, it makes your experience as convenient as it gets from arrival to departure.

Not only does it save money on individual tickets and transport, but it also frees up time to immerse yourself fully in Amsterdam’s history and culture.

I travelled to Amsterdam for about a week and couldn’t have done so much without the card, so I recommend getting it as soon as possible!

Thank you for reading until the end and, if you have any questions or additional recommendations, feel free to comment below!

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