If there was one experience to join in Louisiana, taking one of the plantation tours New Orleans has on offer should be the one to consider.

These tours offer a unique glimpse into the region’s Antebellum past, showcasing the architecture, landscapes, and complex histories of Louisiana’s famed estates.

Whether you’re a history lover or just looking to explore beyond the French Quarter, the plantation tours in Louisiana highlight both the beauty and the historical significance of these grand homes.

10 Best Plantation Tours in New Orleans, LA

Let’s get right into the main topic, which is the best plantation tours in Louisiana. In case you didn’t know, Louisiana is home to countless plantations, but 10 of them are open for tours.

From the haunting stories of the Whitney Plantation to the stunning oak-lined paths of Oak Alley, each tour offers its own unique perspective on the South’s rich cultural tapestry.

Swamp Boat Ride and Oak Alley Plantation Tour


  • Swamp boat tour
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Round trip transportation
  • Tour of Oak Alley Plantation with a guide

This full-day tour starts in New Orleans, where you hop onto a comfortable coach that takes you through lovely views along Lake Pontchartrain. First stop: either Oak Alley Plantation or Destrehan Plantation.

At Oak Alley, you’ll see an amazing row of oak trees and learn about the site’s history from your guide. Destrehan offers insights into its past as an indigo and sugarcane producer. After exploring the plantation, you’ll journey to Manchac Swamp.

Here, you board a swamp boat to quietly cruise through the waterways, surrounded by greenery and wildlife. Keep your camera ready for alligators, snakes, and various birds, while your guide shares stories of the area and tells you how locals preserve this unique ecosystem.

The tour wraps up with a return drive to the French Quarter, which is as convenient as it gets. The best part? This Louisiana plantation tour only costs $109 per person including taxes, and it’s great value for money!

Oak Alley Plantation Tour from New Orleans


  • Local taxes
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Round trip transportation
  • Guided tour of the plantation

This half-day tour transports you from the French Quarter of New Orleans to the iconic Oak Alley Plantation. It’s a similar tour as the one above, apart from the swamp part.

The drive itself is scenic, with views of Lake Pontchartrain and landscapes along the Great River Road.

Once you get to the plantation, you’re greeted by the stunning sight of 28 historic oak trees leading up to the plantation house. This 1839 mansion is a prime example of Greek Revival architecture and is preserved to showcase the elegance of the South before the Civil War.

Your guide will dress in period attire and lead you through the mansion and grounds, sharing stories of the people who lived there.

You’ll have time to explore the plantation on your own after the tour. Perhaps enjoy a snack at the café before the comfortable coach ride back to New Orleans?

To conclude, this is a great, affordable plantation tour from New Orleans, but keep in mind they often sell out, and I recommend booking now to secure your spot.

Louisiana Plantations Tour with Gourmet Lunch


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Transport by air-conditioned van
  • Unlimited gourmet buffet lunch with gratuity
  • Guided tour of Houmas and Destrehan plantations
  • Admission to 1811 Slave Revolt Exhibit at Destrehan

Set off from New Orleans in a cosy van for a more personal experience exploring Louisiana’s history in two different plantations.

Your first stop is Destrehan Plantation, the oldest recorded plantation in the Mississippi Valley, where a costumed guide provides a glimpse into the lives of both the estate’s former owners and enslaved people.

Special attention is given to the 1811 slave revolt, a crucial piece of history with a dedicated exhibit. Next, you’ll visit Houmas House Plantation, often called the “Sugar Palace.”

Here, walk through rooms filled with antiques and artwork, and hear stories of the past residents.

A highlight of the tour is a private, unlimited gourmet buffet lunch served at Houmas House, offering a variety of dishes, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

After lunch, explore the mansion and learn more about the plantation’s architecture and history before heading back to your hotel in New Orleans.

Whitney Plantation Tour with Transportation


  • All Fees and Taxes
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Professional Licensed Guide
  • 2 hours tour around Whitney Plantation

The next option on this list of plantation tours from New Orleans is this one to Whitney Plantation.

This tour begins in the French Quarter, where you board an air-conditioned vehicle bound for Whitney Plantation, located along the historic River Road.

As you travel, pass significant sites like the Evergreen, St. Joseph, and Felicity plantations, and get a glimpse of Lake Pontchartrain.

Upon arrival at Whitney Plantation, a site dedicated to understanding slavery in Louisiana, you’re given two hours for a self-guided tour. This allows you to explore at your own pace, with the aid of the Whitney Plantation app to learn about the mansion’s history and anecdotes.

Visit the Spanish Creole main house, the restored slave cabins, and learn about plantation life through the recorded narratives of enslaved people.

The museum also includes exhibits that offer insights into the history of slavery in the American South.

All in all, this is the perfect tour if you’ve already visited Oak Alley Plantation or want to tour a less popular one with fewer crowds. Plus, it’s less than $100 per person, which is great.

Private Louisiana Plantations Tour with Gourmet Lunch


  • Transportation by air-conditioned van
  • Gourmet, unlimited buffet lunch with all taxes
  • Guided tour of Houmas and Destrehan plantations
  • Visit the San Francisco Plantation with your local guide

Experience the rich history of the Antebellum South with a private tour of Louisiana’s famous plantations.

Your day starts with a visit to Destrehan Plantation, where guides in period dress immerse you in the 19th-century lifestyle and detailed histories of its residents.

Next, you’ll travel to Houmas House to enjoy a gourmet Southern-style lunch in the grand dining hall.

Here, you’ll explore the sugar cane plantation’s stunning Greek Revival architecture and beautifully appointed rooms, showcasing period antiques and local artwork.

The tour also includes a weekend visit to San Francisco Plantation, celebrated for its opulent 1856 mansion with elaborate decorations and colourful, hand-painted ceilings.

In short, this full-day tour offers a deep dive into Louisiana’s historical wealth, with comfortable transportation from your hotel, ensuring a day both convenient and rich in education.

Airboat and Plantations Tour with Gourmet Lunch


  • Fun airboat trip
  • Gourmet, unlimited buffet lunch
  • Tour of Houmas House and Laura Plantation
  • Transportation by air-conditioned van with live narration

While slightly more expensive than other plantation tours from New Orleans, LA, this experience is a real treat and you’ll get to visit Houmas House and Laura Plantation, as well as take a fun airboat trip.

This tour begins with a pickup from your downtown hotel, setting the stage for a day filled with history, nature, and gourmet Southern cuisine. First, journey over the Mississippi River into Cajun country where a local guide will lead you on a high-speed airboat ride through the remote cypress swamps.

This ride offers a chance to spot alligators, pelicans, and other wildlife, and you’ll learn about the swamp ecosystem, local flora, and Cajun history along the way.

After the airboat adventure, the tour continues to Laura Plantation, where you’ll explore the unique Creole heritage through stories of the plantation’s former inhabitants and their daily lives.

Next, visit the grand Houmas House, known for its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens. Enjoy a gourmet buffet lunch here, featuring unlimited Southern favourites in an elegant setting.

The tour is perfect for those looking to experience the rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty outside the French Quarter, all within the comfort of a small group. What else could you ask for?

Whitney Plantation and Airboat Tour from New Orleans


  • Transportation from New Orleans
  • Airboat ride through the swamps
  • Tour of Whitney, Evergreen, Destrehan Plantations

Learn about the rich and complex history of New Orleans with an 8-hour tour that combines cultural depth with exhilarating adventure.

Start your day with a guided tour of Whitney Plantation, where you’ll spend 90 minutes exploring the grounds and museum.

This plantation is dedicated to understanding the realities of slavery, offering personal stories and historical insights. After the tour, enjoy additional time to visit the museum exhibits at your own pace.

Next, the tour takes you past the Evergreen Plantation, notable for its appearance in the film Django Unchained, and the miniseries Queen Sugar. You’ll also glimpse Destrehan, famous for its connection to the 1811 slave revolt, one of the largest in U.S. history.

The day ends with a fun airboat ride through Louisiana’s swamps and marshes, providing a high-speed adventure with the natural landscape as a background.

After a day out, you’ll get back to New Orleans with your guide to spend the evening, and transportation is included, which is great!

Oak Alley Plantation and 3-Hour New Orleans City Tour


  • 3-Hour New Orleans City Tour
  • Transportation from New Orleans
  • Guided tour of Oak Alley Plantation

Discover New Orleans’ rich history and stunning architecture on this comprehensive tour, combining a visit to the iconic Oak Alley Plantation with a three-hour city exploration.

Begin your journey through New Orleans with a guided city tour in a comfortable air-conditioned mini-bus.

Your guide will introduce you to the essential sights of the French Quarter, including Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, and the French Market. Learn about the Creole culture and see historical sites affected by Hurricane Katrina.

If you have limited time in New Orleans, then this is probably the best tour you can sign up for.

The tour continues to the famous St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, where you’ll get insights into the unique above-ground burial traditions of New Orleans. Drive down the scenic St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District and spot homes of historical significance and stunning architecture.

Next, travel to Oak Alley Plantation, renowned for its spectacular alley of 28 ancient Oaks leading to a majestic Greek Revival mansion.

Spend two hours exploring the plantation grounds, which include a blacksmith shop and a restaurant, making for a well-rounded historical experience.

This tour is perfect for first-time visitors and history lovers eager to get an insider’s look at New Orleans.

Oak Alley or Laura Plantation Tour from New Orleans


  • Professional guide
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Tour of Laura or Oak Alley Plantation

Choose between two captivating plantation experiences on this 4-hour tour from New Orleans, with transportation and free time included.

Opt for the Oak Alley Plantation and wander around the canopy of 300-year-old oak trees. The 40-minute guided tour of the plantation grounds includes the ‘Big House,’ slave quarters, and the meticulously maintained gardens.

Alternatively, head to the Laura Plantation, a Creole heritage site known for its historical representation of a working plantation, including the realities of slavery.

The guided tour here focuses on the ‘Big House,’ slave quarters, and gardens, offering insights into both the beauty and the historical darkness of plantation life.

Both options include professional guides, entrance tickets, and round-trip hotel transportation from New Orleans, making for a convenient and educational day trip that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Laura, Oak Alley or Whitney Plantation Tour


  • Driver and local guide
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Tour of Whitney, Laura, or Oak Alley

Take a half-day trip from New Orleans to visit one of three historic Louisiana sugar plantations: Whitney Museum Plantation, Laura Plantation, or Oak Alley Plantation.

Learn about the everyday lives of the people who lived and worked on these plantations for 5 to 6 hours, which makes an excellent day trip from New Orleans.

  1. Whitney Plantation (Closed on Tuesdays) – This plantation focuses on the experiences of enslaved people. Tour the old kitchen, a Creole barn, and the ‘Big House,’ all built by slaves. You’ll see exhibits and memorials that honour their lives and stories.
  2. Laura Plantation – Awarded for its rich history, this plantation offers a look at original slave cabins and the main house. Discover the real-life settings where the famous Br’er Rabbit tales were first recorded. There’s also a museum exhibit about the daily routines of both free and enslaved people.
  3. Oak Alley Plantation – Famous for its beautiful row of ancient oak trees, this plantation tour includes a visit to the main house, the slave quarters, and other exhibits that share the history of the people who lived there.

Each tour is about 2 hours and 15 minutes long and includes hotel pickup and drop-off, but keep in mind that you can only pick one plantation.

Lastly, the tour only costs $80 per person, and that is a bargain for the value you get!

Factors to Consider on Plantation Tours in Louisiana

What are Louisiana Plantations?

The plantations in Louisiana are large estates that were historically devoted to agriculture, predominantly cultivating crops like sugarcane and cotton.

During the Antebellum period, these plantations were powered by enslaved African Americans whose labour was crucial to the economy of the South.

Today, many of these plantations have been preserved as museums and historic sites. They offer guided tours that provide insight into the architectural styles of the period, the daily lives of the people who lived and worked there, and the complex history of slavery and its enduring impact on American society.

Are the Plantations in Louisiana Worth it?

Visiting the plantations in Louisiana provides a valuable educational experience that combines both beauty and history.

These tours not only showcase the estates’ architecture but also confront the harsh realities of the plantation system and its reliance on enslaved labour.

Best Plantation Tours in New Orleans

What is the Best Plantation to Visit?

The best plantation to visit in Louisiana often depends on personal interests, but Oak Alley Plantation stands out for many.

Famous for its stunning quarter-mile long avenue of 300-year-old oak trees leading to the classic antebellum home, Oak Alley offers breath-taking views and a rich history.

It provides a comprehensive look at the lives of both the plantation’s wealthy owners and the enslaved individuals who maintained the estate.

Does it mean that other plantations aren’t worth checking? Absolutely not, and I recommend visiting both Oak Alley and other mansions if time allows.

Where to Stay in New Orleans?

Here’s a list of great places to stay in New Orleans to make your trip unforgettable:

Luxury: Virgin Hotels New Orleans

Virgin Hotels is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in New Orleans, with its array of dining options, modern suites, and fantastic amenities such as the rooftop pool and bar.

Thanks to its location, you’ll be just a short walk from the city’s French Quarter and other popular tourist attractions.

Mid-Range: The Jung Hotel and Residences

The Jung Hotel and Residences, only a 20-minute walk to Bourbon Street, offers modern rooms with city views and free WiFi.

Rooms have flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms, and some include seating areas. The Canal at LaSalle streetcar stop provides easy access to the French Quarter, and it’s close to St Louis Cathedral, which is super convenient.

Budget: India House Hostel

India House Hostel is located in New Orleans’ Mid-City district along the Canal St. Streetcar Line, and features an outdoor pool and deck.

It’s 1.9 miles from the Fair Grounds and 3.1 miles from City Park. The hostel offers male, female, and mixed dorms with shared bathrooms, and some private rooms with private bathrooms!


Exploring New Orleans’ plantation homes offers more than just a walk through beautiful historic sites; it provides a deep insight into the narratives that shaped the region.

Each plantation tour invites you to reflect on the legacy of the Antebellum South and the enduring impact of its history on today’s society.

Yes, there is a sobering side to visiting plantations, but it’s a journey you just can’t skip when coming to New Orleans.

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