We all want to be fit to travel for as long as possible right? To rock that beach bod, and also to feel physically fit & to be thinking fit, these are the big players in the longevity of your travel-span. The connection between physical & mental health is a bond like no other. What if I told you that regular exercise would reach all of those key players, bringing home the body bacon for even more travel fun to continue?

To feel physically fit & to be thinking fit, these are the big players in the longevity of your travel-span

The gold dust

Here’s the gold, if you’ve ever experienced the highs (no we’re not talking marijuana) or the blissful rushes (no, not ecstasy either), of a post work-out endorphin release, you’ll know how this goes….

When we exercise, particularly cardiovascular, the amount of our “feel good” hormone (AKA serotonin) fired into the brain increases, leaving us feeling pretty damn good! Regular exercise also increases levels of the hormone tryptophan in the brain, an amino acid used to manufacture serotonin.

So does that mean other types of exercise are off the agenda? Hell no! As with everything in life, balance is key. I could real off a thousand reasons around the benefits of exercise, but let’s keep to topic (I’m easily distracted!).

Mix it up

For an improved sense of wellbeing & all round better travel experience, staying travel-fit will serve you well, a mixture of muscular strength & endurance workouts will ensure your joints are in good health, as well as working on that beach bod! In turn, the way this makes you feel is worth its weight in gold, being comfortable in your own skin & showing your body the respect it deserves, all adds up in the bank of self-worth, self-love & the ultimate travel experience.

  • Cardiovascular workouts are awesome for that feel good factor & overall fitness
  • Muscular strength & endurance for rocking the beach bod & joint health
  • Core conditioning for back care, awesome abs & injury prevention,
  • Stretching & yoga for injury prevention, better performance & relaxation
  • Meditation for exercising your mind

Keep it light but have it ALL. You can do all of this with little to no kit whilst on your travels. The phase of bodyweight workouts & portable kit routines is here to stay.

It’d be easy to brush off the thought of exercise whilst on your once in a lifetime trip, prioritising fun and once in a lifetime experiences over a quick workout,

But I believe it IS possible to have it all and I know, that by committing to your body, to give it the love & attention it deserves, your travels get to be even more incredible because you will FEEL even more incredible.

If you want it all, have it all, get that balance of cardio, muscular, core & relaxation into your travel life, see how it feels to feel incredible from the inside out whilst seeing & experiencing things beyond your wildest dreams!

I’m about to embark on my biggest adventure to date, so I’ll be sharing how I’m doing it first hand, the highs, the lows, the work outs and the wind downs, see it first. Follow Samantha Alice on Facebook and Instagram and look out for more articles coming soon!

For further reading on the health benefits of travel, check out Helen from Well-being Secrets 25 Science-backed health benefits of travel, if you weren’t convinced before then you’ll have you bags packed by morning!

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