Australia’s East Coast is a well trodden path for most backpackers, and Fraser Island is usually high on everyone’s list, because it’s considered the largest sand island in the world.

If you plan to go off road with an 4×4, this is the guide you need, as that’s exactly what I did.

Here, I’ll go through the Fraser Island driving trip I took, taking in the incredible lakes, viewpoints and wildlife.

Fraser Island Driving Trip – Introduction

Before going through some incredible things to do in Fraser Island, let’s discuss some essentials that you may want to know when going.

Where is Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is an amazing slice of paradise in Queensland, Australia. It’s the world’s largest sand island, sitting pretty just off the coast, a short hop (about 200 km) north of Brisbane.

It’s not just any island though – it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, brimming with incredible rainforests, towering sand dunes, and stunning freshwater lakes.

Is Fraser Island Worth Visiting?

Absolutely, Fraser Island is a must-visit! Imagine chilling by crystal-clear lakes like Lake McKenzie, or cruising along the iconic 75 Mile Beach.

It’s a place straight out of a nature documentary – you’ve got ancient rainforests, unique wildlife, and loads of adventures. Plus, there’s a rich Aboriginal heritage woven into the very fabric of the island.

Is it Safe to Drive in Fraser Island?

Yes, it’s safe to drive in Fraser Island as long as you play by the rules. You’ll need a four-wheel-drive and some savvy sand driving skills (it’s all about the thrill, right?).

The island’s sandy tracks and beach highways are unique – just watch out for those tides and stay on marked paths.

Best Months to Visit Fraser Island

The best time to visit Fraser Island is between April to October. This time of year is perfect – the weather’s cool and comfy, ideal for exploring without that sticky summer heat.

No heavy rains or cyclones to crash your party. Plus, the sandy paths are just right for a smooth drive.

What to Do on a Fraser Island Driving Trip

Now that you have some information about Fraser Island, let’s talk about the reason why you’re here, the activities on the island.

Lake McKenzie

There are over 100 freshwater lakes on Fraser Island, and they are so clean that sun-cream and soap are considered pollution and are banned when using the lakes.

Easily the most popular has to be Lake McKenzie. The water is unbelievably clear and the sand is silky smooth.

We spent a morning here sunbathing and swimming across the lake, its said the lake has the ‘key to youth‘, but sadly when I got out and dried off, my grey hairs were still very much there!

Discover the Wildlife

The dingoes on Fraser Island are renown for being the only pure breeds left in Australia, and therefore dogs are not allowed on the island.

That said, their numbers are decreasing, and visitors are encouraged to keep away from them, there are strict fines for leaving rubbish or feeding dingoes. I did manage to see two but unfortunately didn’t manage to get any photos.

But that’s not the only wildlife here, you might also spot echidnas, wallabies and possums, as well as reptiles such as snakes, frogs, gecko’s, and goanna’s (pictured).

Check Out Fraser Island’s Shipwreck

A famous landmark of Fraser Island is the shipwreck of The Maheno, which ran aground in 1935 after being caught in a vicious cyclone.

During the Second World War it was seemingly used as bombing practice! Apparently 3 floors of the ship are buried under the sand, so its a lot bigger than it seems, and makes a great photo.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the Eastern side of the island, and pours around 4 million litres of pure fresh water into the sea every hour.

You can walk up and down the creek, swim in spots and even go tubing if you like. The water has been filtered by the sand for up to 100 years, and we literally filled up our water bottles for the rest of the day.

Indian Head

At the end of 75 mile beach lies Indian Head, the Eastern-most point of the island. It was named by Captain James Cook after he spotted a group of Aboriginals looking on, Indian being the term for native people of any land.

The astonishing 360-degree views make Indian Head a popular viewpoint for visitors to Fraser Island.

Just north of Indian Head are the Champagne Pools, where the waves crash into shallow sandy pools causing a natural Jacuzzi, and the name Champagne Pools comes from the foaming bubbles left behind.

As if these highlights aren’t enough, you bounce around the island in an off-road 4×4 Jeep!

There’s a few options in terms of tours of self drive, but there are strict rules on the vehicle specs and speed limits, and its worth paying close attention to the tides for driving on the beach.

Take some time to look at the Driver Guide before your visit. We had two Jeeps in our tour which meant we had to take turns driving one of the cars, which was a shame but once my turn came it was a great feeling cruising down the beach!

Conclusion About Driving in Fraser Island

Whilst the East Coast of Australia had plenty of highlights, you really can’t beat Fraser Island.

Its the first place on my lips when I’m asked what to do in Australia, it’s a beautiful, remarkable place, where you can find trees growing out of the sand and a piece of paradise at McKenzie Lake.

Have you been to Fraser Island or even Australia? What was your highlight? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “The Best Fraser Island Driving Trip: Going Off Road With an 4×4

  1. We Travel Together says:

    Unfortunately, we didn’t get to Lake McKenzie because conditions at the time, it was the driest period of many years. But we took the walk to Lake Wabby and had the entire lake to ourselves for a few hours. Fraser Island is a must-visit island!

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Scott for the recommend of Fraser Island, we loved it, we also took the 15 minute flight around the island in a plane off the beach, we only had a day so we wanted to see all we could. We also loved Lake Mackenzie and Ely Creek great to see so much woodland and forest also.

  3. Natasha says:

    I’ve been to Fraser, was really beautiful but also went to stradbroke island which is completely stunning! Well worth a visit for few days ?

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