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Casey Neistat is a brilliant film-maker and makes short movies for YouTube and Vimeo. I’ve been constantly inspired by the creativity and often simplicity of the videos, it gives me a sense of ‘anyone can do it’ and love the DIY ‘rough around the edges’ type approach. In this video ‘17 tips to Travel with Style‘ makes me want to get on a plane in a suit and film it, tomorrow. There are plenty of videos to chose from by Casey, but arguably his best, was a project called ‘Make it Count‘ for Nike posted 3 years ago. In a risky move he took the entire budget and travelled round the world with film-marker friend Max (from MTV’s Catfish). The film is simply brilliant, and will make you want to do the same right now, I love it and watch it regularly for inspiration! Enjoy…

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  1. Andrew Shaun Maggs says:

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